Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just random

Just copy pasteing what i typed sumwere else:) ^__^

just so that ion loose my krappy words out :)

it takes time to type anh:) ^^
dunt wanna loose moi senses:)^__^

i may not say whats good to hear ^^

but i oly say whats right , or what i feel is right :) as per moi instincts:) ^^

seriously what do i gain huh??

i got no gains :) ^^
i dunt need none :) , m know very well hw to stay n live alone , kuz that i had faced during moi skool lyf :) , m just tryin to avoid dat fer yew :)
tried bein with yew ppl awll i kud :) , but wat am i fer yew nyway :) nuffin ^^
jus a toy fer tp nah: )
good nah :) , use n throw :) , still ion kare:) ^__^
atleast there was some happie moments that i kan always keep with me :) ^__^

awll r just 2 self centred :) ^__^ wata do :)
thas lyf anh:) - thas wat u will tel me na , ny of yew :)

but thas hw it is now,not hw it was :) ^__^

changes gota be accepted?? - yeh ryt :) keep changing n loose yaself :) , u will fgt wat u wanted n what u had :) , n realise that oh gosh :( i lost it :) ,, n thas lyf na?? :)

they say think practically :) ..lolx ... m i thinkin theoretically??? i hate theory :)
impossible is nothin :) , say except flying :\ or stuff like that :)
what i say aint impossible nah:)
its withiin awl of yew:)
u just dunt wana see it,or u pretend u dunt see it :)
even wen it hurts :)

u prefer to learn the hard way :)

i may not b perfekt or a know it awll , i never klaimed, i got moi flaws:)
i dunno lota things:) i admit :)
still , i care:) that i knw + i dunt wanan prove nythin to ny1 :)
m sayin nt fer ny1s sympathy or feeling :)
its jus fer the sake that what goes unsaid got zero value :)
kuz if i dunt say now :) then u will say , u cuda tol me earlier :)
thas hw ppl are :) ion kawe:) ^^ , even if ion have no value , i atleast know m said this:) , :) so that u wunt say , in the future:) , that now its too late:)

what are frienx ha? ever known ha??? :)

u kna keepin laughin at me :)
call me awll dat yew want :)
.......wateveh :)
ion giv a damn kuz i still blv m was ryt:) , kuz wateveh happnd has proved me ryt always:) ^__^

unfo even if ppl ignore me n turn thier backs on me :)

i jus cant ignore them kuz they hate me or dislike me nah:)
once a fren , always a fren :)
thas hw i see :) i may mean nothin to you :) ,but ion kare :)
kuz u will always b moi fren :) ,......
feelings cant be hidden :)
you can say a million lies :)
but unfo takes more than that .. :) in front of me :)

i always say what i mean wen m in moi senses:) ^^
m always be there for awll moi frenx :) ^__^

no mater what they do to me, ion kare:)
m kan always fgv yew :) ...... :)
n ion lyk to distrb ppl hu dunt like me or like seein me :)
at tyms i do , fer that m sorry , i do that wen m off my proper senses ^^ n tensed n confused:)
sorry fer that :)
no matter what you throw at me :)
i will survive kuz i dunt keep moi pains within me :)
i always tell moi fwens :)
n wen i tell yew, u awll get hurt :)
n yet u keep askin fer it :) y ha??
i dunt wanan hurt ny of yew :)
but then m sharin with you , but are yew???
m i nythin fer yew?:) ^^

best frens dunt keep nythin frm each other:) so i always told yew, but yew ppl dunt :)
that shows anh:) ^__^
ppl have got hurt a lot kuz of me n m sorry:)
n really sowi to "ppl" <3>D< kuz iono wat happnd dint mean to hurt yew:)
n lizy dunt b low :) , atleast if u consider me as wat yew say:) , u got me always, even if u dunt u still got me :)
n poo ....u dunt have 2 pretend to me :) kuz i known yew:) atleast fer sumtym :)
keep hidin n dunt tell if u dunt wana:) hu m i fer yew nyway na?:) ^^
u got bettah fwenx nw nah:)
stay happie :)
i knw dey wunt hurt yew lyk i do by sayin krap :)

gbu awl ^^

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