Thursday, June 24, 2010

Love ? care ? affection ?

Well , .... just like how i usually start :P hehe :)

What is love anyway?:o
can you see it?
can you touch it?
i know not :)
as for me , it just can be felt :) like how most of you might be feeling aswell :)

people say they hate love ,....doesnt make any sense :) ^__^
cause love is everywhere n in everything :)
there will always be something you love nah :) ^__^ , even some who likes to be left alone , likes his or her loneliness :)
somethings are hard to explain :)
love is :) just too hard to say :)
what you feel cannot be expressed in words or actions just as perfectly as you feel :)
Loving aint about saying I love you , or about the kisses and hugs :)
Its about understanding each other :) , accepting each other the way they are :) .
Loving each other for what they are :)
I aint no professor :) , but i have my own views na , n m just wanna say it out :) thats all i intend to do :)
Plus love aint just about a bf-gf relationship :)
There is so much more :)
Like friends and parents :) , never forget them :)
Parents are the only people who have loved you from the time your born till their time here is up :) , infact :) no love can overshadow it :)
I was always happy with my friends :)
i never wanted to be in that so called love , i always wanted 2 be with my parents only :)
i never thought of a life after that :) , i never wanted to love any1 else :)
but i got no choice :)
my dad says he will get me married duh :\
if thats the case :) i would rather choose to be with some one who can accept me the way i am :) than spoil a complete stranger's life , right? ^_^
n i dunno what happens ,whats happening or what will happen :)^^
m just hoping for the best , keeping my faith in this :)
will continue....
as promised :) m continuing ..dunno after how many days: )
cant pick up from where i left anyway :)
I wanted to say something about freinds :) should i write here or make a new post?:O

now considereing that couldnt complete this that day itself makes it a lil hard for me :) so
sorry :) closing here :) ^__^


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