Friday, April 16, 2010

I really miss out a lota stuff :(

I wish i knew whats going on around me better :( , its too bad i really cant figure out whats wrong with me in the first place, I always end up being lost. I dunno into what i am so lost , but i just know that i am so so darn lost somewhere , n i bet thats the somewhere i really belong to , a world made out of my own feelings n imaginations, too bad somethings can never come out into reality na , i just know i have always tried , n tried for the best out come to come out , too bad i was never ever successful in that.
Somethings are best left alone , so is the case with me na , i am best when i am left alone :)
I so so know its the truth :) , all that i have learnt is from loneliness, but when i had some friends i knew what it is like for all the others :)

life is so different , when you look at it from different angles, its so :) I guess m kinda lucky to have felt all this loneliness :) , n what are people anyway? I really got no clue , i may be talking non sense in the eyes of all the people in this world , but i would prefer being myself more than bending up myself to suit into this world thats so so bend already :)
Look at it , what do u see? Nothing? i thought as much :)
I knew you wouldnt see anything :) , its all become too natural , its now whats normal , the past is history , all you can do about that now is to read about it in some history text books or probably learn of it in school .
Have you ever wondered how it would have been at that time?
Dont have to think of the bad things , but atleast look at it na , just analyse once na , see for yourself how much life has changed from then. Oh , you wanna say , change is a part of nature? Is it? Yeah i do agree with that :) , but do we need to give up all the important stuff for just a little bit of life improvement?
Culture is what atleast India had , its vast heritage , spread over ages , now whats left of it?
The Taj mahal is one piece of art na that none will ever forget ,

n what was kerala known for? Known as Gods own country .... y so?
People have made it Gods own country with devils own people :|
its so true nah :(
atleast kerala used to have some kinda greenery left , now what happens ha? people are jus cutting down each n every tree , you know y? :O
The worst ever reasons you could ever hear :|
Either the cut off the trees to show off their houses , or say , ah tree, leaves fall , n it will b so hard to clean them up :|
Just coz they dont wanna sweep it away :|
or more precisely lazy to sweep it :| they cut off our trees :|
.....plants are living things too ya know , they got more right to live on this planet than these dumb humans :|
When a baby pees on the floor , do we kill them off? :O saying eww they make the floor dirty :|

Everyone just thinks for themselves nah : thats the problem with humans :| , i dunno what to say nah , m left speechless , at times even i do somethings like that nah , but i always got a dumb reason to support it :|

ah .....i feel pity ...... :((

one day everything will end , coz of this dumbness :( , all got great senses, but they just dont realize that they are cutting off their own life support ,

its not just the case with trees , theres so much more , man is intelligent? oh yeah whatever nah :|
must have even found way to immortality :| but y?? y b immortal ha? do they even realise the consequences? what will happen when theres no space in earth anymore? aha , go to moon -__- ryt? best idea :| , n when moons full ? goto mars? :\
i am so lost .......

dunno if m continue with this or not but well :) i'll see :)

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