Monday, June 14, 2010

Whats in being Veg or Non Veg??

Well well :) ...wats in it anyway?:) ^^
If you blame some for being non beg , being beg is also equally bad ,,,atleast thats what i think n feel :) ^__^
They say eating animals is cruel .... aha :) true that :)
if you see them being slaughtered , you will never feel like eating them :)
U sure will feel bad , when you hear their desperate cry for mercy :( , too bad , they aint spared ..
their long long cries of pain and suffering will touch you if you got feelings n then never feel like feeding on them again ^^
But then ..wat of plants?? they dunt suffer?? they provide us with fruits nah :) n yet they get killed too :)
unfo they cant express their pain ^^ , n well we are stealing thier food that the made all by themselves ^^ hw cruel are we then ha?? ^__^
just cause they cant express it , we think its ours :) ^^
what are humans anyway??? we aint rulers or meant to be :)
we dont have right to take the lives of other living things nah :)
now technology is going so so fast that :\
one day there may not be any tree left :\ n ppl will produce oxygen syntetically :)
n generations down they will see trees and animals only in textbooks :O
imagine that?? :O
Humans got brains n thinks for themselves only :) soon :) when there aint anything left :) what will they do ???

am so so diverting off what i meant to type :) but well it started with it lemme just go on :) ^^
think of all the resources ....renewable n non renewable

m leavin this here as a base of thought :) ^__^

tbc ............. \m/

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