Monday, July 12, 2010

Fb stats postings

jst posting wateveh i posted sumtym or the other as my fb status :)

moi feelings :)

shrunk into 420 chars :) ^__^

♥ i believe ♥ i always did ♥ n always will :) ♥
sumday u will undstnd too :) ♥
that jus cause i kinda seem too gud to b true dunt mean that m dunt exist :)
i am just me kuz i gota million reasons to be me , not like ny1 else :)

♥ i knw hw hard it is to b always d baddie :) so i will always b d baddie nvm nah :)atleast m kan take awl d suffrng :) <31>

♥ a fwen is sum1 who stay wichu thru everythin :) not 1 who leaves u n goes,bt den dr can b unavoidable situations,that has to b fgvn na :) , m ain prfkt,bt m me,n will b,i may nt speak much n awl,bt if u really need me,m b dere n m try 2 do wat m kan na,jus leme help ya na :) ♥

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