Friday, January 29, 2010

The Intro of this blogo :P

I have no idea why i even write:) so just for a lil intro to my blogosphere , m writing this 1.
1st of all i would like to say that i used 2 have a blog once , in which i have written much more of nonsense as compared to this so it doesnt really matter hehe:)
N this return ya comeback :P is due to 2 of mah friends only :) as they made me visit their blogs :P hehe , so once again :) I am so so here .

Dont ask me why do i write coz i know not ^^
But really i cant even write what i intend to :((

uwaan sucks na , n well :) most of my friends dont even read this anyway ;) , i dunt know if i should pick up names of anyone when i write in my blog coz , there will be just too many names , but there ought to be some that i cant neglect coz i dont think m ever going to see the again. Hope they have a better life now :)
N by this blog , i wish to rather express my thoughts out to err anyone who may care to read hehe:)
So read if you like , its all upto you :)
N feel free to express anything , if you see any mistakes or feel a difference with my thoughts you can say it out na :)


my thought never end ..... goes on n on ..... so i stop this here now :) ^_^


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