Thursday, January 21, 2010

.....Take a look at the path that you have come through....

What do u see ?:)
Lol it so happens to be my question always doesnt it hehe :) M sorry about that na , it so happens that i can only continue from a left over of a thought n never make a proper start , :) , ^__^

How old are you?
just look at the fact , so many years have passed nah :O , oh gosh , now you wish you had all that again doncha :) , i know :) , well its not your fault nah , we always have the bes times when we are younger , n we are so so much more innocent then nah :) sins are commited least by a baby , n as he/she grows up , it starts changing , 1 by 1 mistakes are made , knowingly or unknowingly ,we change as time passes > Its usually that part of your life that may detemine you character n lifestyle , :)

The environment you live in makes you what you are , n the situations makes you you :) , there can just be many types of that nah :) depends for each of us nah :) some part at home n some at school , it all makes a big impact on your life nah . Teachers who look after us when in school as lil kiddies need great respect nah , n i do believe they ought to get more salary than a +2 teacher nah , unfortunately , it aint so , never will be i guess . Think of the pain those teachers have 2 take nah , n for the teachers teaching at higher levels they can do anything they wish n let the student decide what he/she wants 2 do in class na , but those re primary teachers have to look after all the kids like they were her/his own . Well its a different story if they dont care properly , but it will affect them :) , they need proper love n care n needs 2 be lead in the right path , if not they will turn out to be something no1 would ever wanna see them as na .

I thought , when i started writing this , i might actually be saying about friends , who have come n gone in your lives , but it so happened that i got a little deviated n went on to teachers ^^ , all the same , they are as important aswell . N the funny thing is that most probably most of the teachers are hated haha =__ ,whose fault? I really donno na , its all about them in some way =)) , if you respect them n do as they say, your life will be better , i guess :P , =)) Well exceptional people are there aswell but no deal . For eg : the V.P of our college , hes so damn strict , so what , all the students are afraid of him still nah , n i too like my friend feel that , the college is atleast this composed because of his presence only , else gosh wha would it have been? :o
Already its a hell in the cell , n if children were left to their wills :O , cant imagine the outcome :)
We always end up cursing him for everything , n ya none sees him smile even :O , n the fact that the college sucks cannot be overlooked :P , whats the deal ha? Just because someone once upon a time misbehaved or did something wrong , doesnt mean that everyone has 2 pay the price for it nah ,yeah i cant say totally that there aint no mistake on our part , it was wrong to call for a strike for possibly the worst n dumbest reason ever in the history of this world =)) , for an excursion?:P
n what happened? got a 10 day suspension haha , n any gain? nah na , only pain ^^ :P
But No college day this year ?:O Are they of their senses or what? :P
Is this a college? :O or a school? :P if they treat us like school kids all the time :P , give a school day nah =))

It doesnt matter what the name is nah :P , there are lota kids out there in this lil hell , whose got a lota talent n skill nah , if their talents are left to rot like this , what use of even going to a college?
You all have heard na , all work n no play makes jack a dull boy , wanna proof ?? Come to my college n see , what all work is all about , all are dull -__- , no1 even gets a chance they seek nah ,
I feel sad :) ...... no cultural activities n sport duh , pity thee ,..... n i am studying there? :O
Crap , i may not be interested in most of the stuff , but still i would like to see my friends do what they are best at nah :) , kuz engg s not what all are meant for , n there were 103 colleges in kerala way back when i joined ?:O oh gosh look at how much the count would come out to be , for me engg aint no passion or dream , it never was , never will be , its always been my worst nightmare , ....
So , if you can watch yourself , n your future , take a look at what you really seek , n somehow just go for it :) , kuz thats where you will be best at :) N you know it yourself ,.....

......jeez , the end -__-
i think it doesnt have any end , but i dunno where i am going to continue with this , so an inappropriate exit is needed hehe :) ^__^

~~~ Choose your destiny ~~~

.......exits ....