Tuesday, January 12, 2010

~~ The Frustrating Life ~~

See this picture , now now dont think m showing you people pics for a guessing game or something :)
But just watch it closely, what do you see?

That my dear friend is the real question! Am i wrong? I bet not , coz i have felt so & i have also heard so from a lot of people na :)

So y do we really get lost in thoughts? :O Do you have any idea?
At times i feel its coz we dont get what we seek , dnno what people think thou , but mostly people are running after their dreams nah , or say seeking happiness , aint that so?

Aye , but where does this happiness exist? :O
Can we see it ? Can we actually get it? Its not a thing na , its more of a feeling , its something that only the deserving get na :)
As kids we all would have had lots of dreams nah, one would say I wanna be a Doctor , I wanna be a pilot , ...etc etc n so on na .....

We grow up , in some situations , in 8th standard itself we can break away into commerce , by taking economics instead of computers , doesnt make much difference then thou , but the real choice comes in 11th , choosing between Commerce Stream n Science stream . What do parents seek?
Actually they wanna see us all in a good position na , now in this generation mot parents push their kids to Engg or Medical , blah , thats the real drag ,the get forced into it nah ......

Some may like it , so leave them out :) , but for the rest ?? Why do they have to suffer?
They say the world is competitive now , oh yeah it sure is :| but y? for what? none knows ...

Seeing 3 Idiots made me see the me in me ^__^ , i always felt that
way :) , i am where i dont belong nah :) Everyone has their own likes n dislikes , its when they work on what interests them most that they can actually pull out their full potential ^^ , gosh who cares nah?

Even i have been getting advices :| that after doing engg , that i should go n do MBA :O
what for ? i dont get the big idea -__- , 1st of all all these commercial stuff dont interest me na , lets see what the future holds for me anh

I have never had any dreams or wishes so i just flowed along with the tide , never ever opposed till it wuz too late , i have never had interest in anything na , but when dad sent me to do animation , for the 1st time i felt awe that this was something that i really like to do , but what to do , i got dragged away from it na , .....

Now whats the situation ??

Just look at that picture hah , total frustration nah , dunno what mess i am even in right now , feels like hell . Wish to get it over with as soon as possible na. And people used to say school life n college life are prosperous moments of your life that you 'll cherish forever na . By the looks of it , I would rather not even try to remember those days na, being at the wrong place at the wrong time . I have always felt , my life is a mistake , n i am a mistake , n whatever i do ultimately turns out to be a mistake na, life hurts
living like this is more painful than lying on a deathbed wishing for the ultimate freedom , the freedom from living this life.

I may be wrong for you , but i dont care na , different people think differently n thats what amkes the difference , i cant expect you to think like me anyways so cheerio ^^

Sleeping in front of books n during lectures is an example of how boring that stuff is for you :)
Interest is needed na to be attentive :) , to concentrate , we cant force ourself to be interested na , it comes on its own
N subjects which we feel crap are always left aside , n we sure have to face the music for that .
N a bit of it depends on the teachers too , n oh yeah of course the college too :)
The activities n facilities available n the college also affect us na , for eg. if you are in my college , u would have quit it way ago ^^ , unfortunately i dunt have a choice , i am to blame for what i have done , n for being here :)

my thoughts never end ......

coz m always lost in thought when m alone .......
new things peep in , n i understand more n more .....


to be continued .......

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