Friday, February 5, 2010

Thoughts that m can never relate - I

Well :)
I really dunno how to begin writing unless i have a real concept to think of :O @__@
everyday i think a lot n always wanna write it out in my blog , but thoughts move 2 fast as you know , it wont even care to wait :|

I always get these passing train like thoughts when m walking around nah :( , so i always forget it :(
Now thinking of the past :)

I do live in d damn past :( , i hate thinking of it , it so so hurts me a lot :(
The past cant change anyway n it sure aint coming back to yea na :(
I know i should not bother about it at all but i cant ignore na :(
All of those lovely time in the recent past , n all those lonely times before that , n the worst in the start ^^

Never can i forget what i was , how i used 2 b treated n even now , i am still what i am , always been :) , always will remain ....

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