Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So here i am again , trying to blog on a rainy day , my whole body paining . Another day at college, life in college seems to be getting worser n worser as the days go by , dunno y , now this is also happening na , in our first year we were all together n now , look at this , what the hell is happening here ha? Maybe the unity between us has made them think of a perfect plan to split us up na , the fact that the strike was made by our batch is the key point ha. Now grabbing on a thin line of hope they are taking advantage of the situation and we are just letting them do this to us?
Isat wat unity is about? Aint we purpose to see through their plan and foil it? College was always boring and sick n now this makes it worse na
think you dumb kids think , don't let them take us down na
Quick together and solve it out before things are bad . This is our unity and we cant let it be ripped because of such little crap na
We should not fight na
Thats what i have to tell you all , ah who knws wat next na ,

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