Tuesday, January 12, 2010

~~ Life , the unthought of the reality ~~

Look at this picture ,
whats it that comes to your mind ?

M sure i cant say what you think of it ,
people have thoughts , but all sure may be different :)
I dont even know y i am wasting my time :)

If you can truthfully tell me , leave a comment :) ,
what do you really wish for? :)
Some say this is life , its full of ups n downs , oh hell yeah it is ^__^

but so what? Life has a purpose? maybe it does , i have never felt any for mine :)
The worst thing about this is that :| when i type/write i keep deviating from hat i really want to say na
coz everything in my life is connected , or it maybe that i feel so na , dunno y , .....

Ever wondered why you exist? Guess no one thinks so deep ^^
I dunno whats in the minds of all the people around me , all is unpredictable na
Life is complex , anything can happen , anytime , anywhere :)

People say enjoy every moment of it , but how can you enjoy when you are forced to do what you hate the most?
Can you?
Think about it .....^__^

Will write something more soon ^__^ \m/

~~~ Sankar ~~~


  1. Lovely thots sank.... i hav the same problem of deviatin frm wat m actually talkin bout but den its ok...everything is indeed interrelated... :)