Saturday, January 16, 2010

Love ya Friendship ? what makes it different?

Well well well ^^ , what do you know , do you think friendship n love are different? uhm well why do u think so ? :O

I dont think there is much difference nah :O or maybe there is ^^ , according to me friendship in all by itself is love na ^^ I dunno how people here take it nah , maybe thats what makes someone expect something from someone else nah , i think so , maybe i did expect a lot from each n all of my friends nah , at some point of time ^^

Thou i believe that , u should never expect anything from anyone :) , still when people become my friends nah i expect anh :)
after all i always try to help all my friends nah , i always try to help them in any way i can anh , n when they aint there nah what would i feel nah? Thats what is wrong with me na :( I am really very sensitive nah :( get hurt a lot n thats coz i m so , i cant do nothing about it now . After all that i have been through , atleast i m happy that i am like this and not like all the others who have faced all this kinda life ^^

N now look at this , can you lobe anyone without actually knowing that person?Thats what , friendship is the begining nah , it turns to love :O , they say , why dont they realize that its been love all along ^^ n some people say , friendship can turn into love n never the other way , y is that huh? Its possible too you know , i know so ^^

true friendship is true love :) , i believe so ^^ , nothing is better than that nah ^^

n a real best friend can always help you nah , it may hurt at time thou , u may never realize it untill its too late nah , that is the problem with most people :(
I always try 2 help all , but they always take me wrong nah :( n then they turn their backs on me :(
That pain you will only understand when you too are in the same situation :(

When you try to help a friend n they think something else n fight with you n go away :(
you stay helpless nah :( , unable to explain anything :( , some people may care to listen , but some wont even :(

gosh :(
I get hurt when my friends do this to me nah :(

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