Sunday, March 4, 2012

Together for Life

We have traveled this path,
That's been more of a drag,
We been together four years,
But three never made any sense

Now as the end approaches,
We seem to be finally glued,
The paths are converging now,
Just to split up once again

The papers once stapled together,
Never detach without leaving the mark,
So is the case with a relation,
Be it in any of its forms

We missed all these days,
We missed all the fun,
Now its too late,
For the days are gone

Time may split us apart,
Life may show different paths,
But all I know is that,
This spirit of friendship shall remain

This bonding should have happened sooner,
Cause now its too late to wish,
Hardly two days left for the end,
Time just flew this semester unlike no other

Hate to say this thou,
But time changed me so,
This feeling inside right now,
Brings nothing but tears