Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fly High

I never knew until now,
That I was caged like a bird,
I never knew that,
I always craved to fly

I never knew I could fly,
Cause I was scared,
I never followed any path,
Cause I din't have faith

The real me lay hidden,
Deep down inside my heart,
Overshadowed by silence and darkness,
Like a sleeping forest at prime

The path always existed,
It just was unnoticed,
Cause I was too busy,
Chasing birds flying high

Out of nowhere this sudden rush,
The feeling of the heart thumping inside,
Flying over all limits set unknown,
This feeling evokes an adrenaline rush

The soul cladded with rust,
Is dusted and clean once again,
The will that soars high,
Is free from its heavy chains

The sky is called the limit,
But the truth is that,
The sky has no limits,
And its yours to fly 


  1. 'The sky has no limits,
    And its yours to fly'...true lines
    Often we forget to be ourself while in the race to fit in.
    Hoping to read more of ur work :)

    ur latest follower

  2. Beautiful poem and I loved the concluding part...:)

  3. thanks Zach n Saru :)

    honoured :)