Saturday, February 25, 2012

College Days - II

I've been alone,
I've been ignored,
It hurt within each day,
But it made me strong

I'm letting go this time,
All the rhymes for this one,
I'm letting go this time,
All the feelings that lie within

This day I go forth,
Overflowing with emotions,
These last few days,
Unable to accept the change

These days are numbered,
Countable with fingers,
These days are counted,
As the ones that shouldn't pass

What can you or I do,
To stop this time,
From slipping right through,
Leading to emptiness

Never felt this way,
Never been so attached,
Not when school ended,
Not all these years

Why is this happening now,
Why is this feeling creeping in,
What's with the tears,
Filling up the eyes so fast

Never thought this would happen,
Never thought I would change,
When I would cry for this,
When I would miss my college life

I wanna cry out loud,
I wanna hold on to this,
I just can't let go,
I just can't take this anymore

I still see myself hating this college,
I see myself waiting for the end,
Everyday I was complaining,
All those days three years long

Why should I cry,
Why should I cry,
I never cared a damn,
Then why should I now

I find no words that sound right,
The strings so tightly attached,
The sound that resonates,
Ain't anything but heart felt music

No more boring lectures,
No more silly fights,
No more funny jokes,
No more college days

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