Saturday, March 17, 2012

College Days - III

Gone are the days,
That we sit in class,
Gone is the time,
That we enjoy life

The curtains fall,
Bringing to an end,
This short journey,
So called College life

Was it yesterday,
When we just met,
The thought looms inside,
Stunned to silence 

We met yesterday,
Just got to know each other,
And today we are parting,
Heading different ways

Life's truly a train,
That's running non-stop,
From your birth on Earth,
Till you reach your final destination 

People board at different phases,
And they leave you behind,
With nothing left to share,
Than traces of memories

But this ones a major station,
Where many get off,
Leaving the room void,
For others to fill

1 comment:

  1. indeed is an awesome time and place to be in :)