Sunday, March 25, 2012

College Days-IV

It wouldn't take too long,
To come to terms with reality,
To accept the changes taking place,
And the fact that you're alone

This mere illusion's starting to fade,
Giving way to rough reality,
This joyous phase will be over soon,
Leading to a barren run in life

You start listening soft songs,
The ones that leave you heartfelt,
The feelings within left in turmoil,
Leading to an outburst of silent tears

There are those who do what they claim,
There are those who claim to do,
There are ones who do without any claim,
And then then there are one who don't do

Whats left behind ain't four years,
It's foundation of your life,
These are the friends,
For the rest of your lives

Deep down within the scenes,
Are hidden feelings,
That were left unexpressed,
Or unable to be shown

The relationships that bloomed once,
Those special ones that still hold up,
Those that fell apart with time,
And those that never withered

All is left behind this day forth,
To step up for oneself in life,
Crossing another milestone,
Chasing your so called dreams

One last tight hug,
Just this one last time,
To create another memory,
To stitch in this book of life

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