Monday, July 18, 2011

The Trees around us.....

Trees are plants that grow a bit more than out oridinary garden plants. They grow so tall and so strong.

They do so much in the nature yet humans go about cutting them down. For all they do for preserving the balance in earth the gift we give them is cutting them down ruthlessely. What harm did they do to us , that they deserve this punishment??

Trees produce the oxygen that we breathe to survive , they absorb the useless carbon dioxide that we exhale. If not for them , how would life on earth be even possible ?? Then why are we people cutting them down , its equal to suicide , or even murder of your own future generations as they will suffer the aftermath of the actions of the present generation.

Ever wondered why dense forests always get rain ?? Its cause of the presence of the trees , trees are the reason for rain , they manage to hold rain clouds blown across by the winds and get rain. Trees hold the natural balance in earth , but we are cutting them down for our own personal reasons. But none ever bothers to plant back another.

Trees have more strenght than the houses , they hold onto the soil where they are planted and prevent soil erosion. They keep the soil intact and prevent it from being washed away in rains. They give us the much needed shade , which people forget about . No shed can ever feel as cool as when standing under the shade of a tree. nad there are people cutting down down trees in their compounds as the find the dry leaves on their backyard as too much of a nuisance.

people just dont realise that trees were the reason for a cooler surrounding. They keep blaming the rise in global temperature , without realising that they are the reason for it.

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