Monday, July 18, 2011

Cellular world.....

Who doesn't have a mobile phone now ? That's the popularity of mobile phones in the present day world

There used to be a time when even land phones were rare , then came the cordless phones which were handy as they dint have wires binding them or the speaker to sit there or stand there while talking and allowed a fair bit of distance to roam around within the range .

Then the cell phones came , it allowed users to carry around a phone with them wherever they went so that they could be contacted whenever anyone wanted and it was such a great invention , at first owning one of them was for the rich only, and there were only a few network providers.

Time progressed newer and improved versions came , the first phones use to have antennas and stuff , the newer ones had them inbuilt within the body in such a way that they dont project out. Initially the phones had functionality to store a few numbers and calling , then messaging facility came.

As time progressed the phones started getting more memory space to store in pictures and ringtone . Then soon camera phones and phones with music players were out. they were all fashionable at those times. Then infrared and bluetooth technologies came for transferring data from 1 phone to the other.

Look at the present generation phones , what do they lack ?? They perform like a mini computer in fact they are more handy and portable. Even the prices are near that of low end PC , technology is moving too fast , who knows what the future will be .....

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