Monday, July 18, 2011

The road you use.....

Roads , are the most widely use path of transportation.

As the days are passing , the roads are getting more and more dangerous for the pedestrians as well as the ones driving the vehicles. As the advertisement of Ceat says , "The streets are filled with idiots" , we need to watch out for ourselves.

What has happened to road rules and safety measures , why are there so many accidents reported each day. So many causalities and so many deaths every day due to road accidents. Whose fault is it anyway , the people don't know the road rules or they aint bothered to follow them.Then what are rules and regulations made for ? To be broken??

While being on the roads you not only have to look after your own life , but also of the other people using the road as well. There are lots of places where there aint a proper footpath or proper means to cross a road , these tend to increase the risk of accidents for the pedestrians. As of such most of the pedestrians have no sense that they are on the road , they keep walking on the road even if there is a footpath and show complete negligence to it. They don't seem to think that the footpaths are made for them to walk safely.

And for the ones driving , the care less to indication or signalling while making turns which can be rather way too dangerous , especially for the vehicles following . Accidents occur frequently when a car or bike makes a sudden diversion into a side road with no hand signal or indicators. And then what do they do ? They blame the ones that hit them , asking "can't you see ??? " . Is this their way of escaping the conviction of the accident which they literally caused by their own ignorance.

Nowadays the trend is to switch to the oncoming traffic when they want to make a turn to side road on the right side. Plus whenever they enter into the main road from a branch road , they just pop out without even looking left or right for ant vehicles speeding through the lane. How can an accident be avoided in such cases ?? And people find it thrilling to cut through traffic signals as well. And the passengers in the buses , tend to jump out while the bus is slowing down , even if its in the middle of the road. And the motor cycle riders who always keep on pushing forward even if there is actually no space , will definitely try to get ahead of the bus even through the left side. Now both of the people are careless and yet another accident has occurred due to carelessness.

While on the road always watch out for others for your own safety.

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