Monday, July 18, 2011

Real or virtual is what you make of it.....

Love , either in real or virtual is real if the people involved in it care as much , otherwise its just a time pass .

And the people go about saying virtual relationships are unreal and will never work out , but if a person takes a relation like a time pass in virtual world , he or she is sure as hell going to take a real life commitment as a joke as well.

Love is love anyway and it has got no limits if your determination is that high. Love is unknown and cannot be completely explained , everyone has a different experience and a different view to it. And each of them are true in their own ways as they got different pieces of love. But lucky are the ones who are happy with what they got.

Adjustment is one important factor , if you cant then just leave it without even bothering to spoil someones life. It always the needs that stand out in this present generation world. The need for pleasure , the need for money. People choose any means necessary to reach their goals even if that means faking love to someone who may actually be loving them. Look how cruel the world can get now. Both boys and girls are the same , but since the population ratio favors the boys , boys hurt the girls in most of the cases. They leave the girls in utmost pain from which most of them hardly recover , but ever wondered why a boy turned out so ?

People turn bad with experiences and because of their bad company , they just believe their friends and use the others as tools for their own entertainment. Most of the boys who get hurt by a girl will be out to seek revenge , and in turn will go about hurting lots of girls and the girls will be left in pain. But there are girls also who do the same , and its because of such girls that such boys are formed and lots of girls are left in pain.

And talking of love , if you have faith in your love , you will succeed and if you have your doubts then the pieces will start falling apart and you will never be able to put them back the way they were before , its like a shattered glass , some pieces maybe able to put back but not everything , things will never be the same again. Faith is all that matters , but then due to various customs there will always be conflicts based on religion , caste etc from the family side. If you are not strong enough to face that pressure from your parents , you should never have loved in the first place . Love , to love always , else dont love , dont give someone dreams and shatter it in the end. After all , you will have to pay for what you do in this life itself.

Love is divine , it is eternal , a word so often misused , twisted and played with. The real meaning is lost from this world. Yet some cherish it so deeply. Love , be it through net or in person should be considered in equal stature , if you cant accept it leave it so.

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