Monday, July 18, 2011

Alternate Fuels......

The exhaustible fuels are almost exhausted , we need to switch over to the alternatives if we have to use the machines that run on fuel.

The fossil fuels are almost over , soon there wont be anymore oil avalilable . The elders taught us not to use up all of the natural and non renewable resources. But well who cares , we always go forward with the easy and shortest paths to our destination regardless of the damage we cause.

But now people have started realising that they cant depend on the traditional fuels anymore and are experimenting with the other resources available , especially on the renewable ones. Electricity has become the first choice alternative for powering cars and bikes now days . Solar powered cars are used aswell , but they are less practical as they need solar energy to run , so can only run during day time when the sun is shining brightly.

And electric power is on the rise only and imporvements are under way , so till they are completely usable for long distances , hybrids are available , which use more than one fuel at a time so that the fuels can be swirched over when necessary. Plus the alternate fuels are safer to use , more eco freindly as the cause low emissions or no emissions at all keep the environment cleaner , and they are more economical .

The more souces we have , the better , as all the these renewable souces are dependant on something or the other like wind , sunlight or hydel energy . When one is at a low , they alternatives must be available .

Alternate fuels are the future of powering the machines , they are not only cheaper , but also more efficient and eco friendly.

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