Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just another Sunday evening.....

                      Sundays are how every week ends , the usual holiday for which everyone is waiting all week long.  Some people to choose to sleep all day long , while some do the chores. The same goes in every house. That day Ram woke up a little early compared to his usual wake up time. He got up and freshened up and went to his favorite spot in his room, in front of his PC. The area around it felt warm, he wondered , maybe the computer heated up running all night long. He sat there in front of the PC at the corner and started surfing. He though seemed to be lost in some kind of thought, completely unaware of the music playing through the stereo and of the surroundings, he even seemed not interested in surfing either. He was thinking of the day , Sunday ,  the end of the week , followed by another Monday. He also hated Monday mornings like anyone else.  
                                                    He was thinking what he would do that Sunday, what all he could do before he finally went to sleep. He chalked out lots of plans to rendezvous in the evening, building castles in the sky out of thin air. He was confident that he could do everything he wanted by day fall. And he seemed happy about it and anxious for dusk to break out on him and let him free. The day seemed sluggish for him as the Sun seemed quite stubborn not to go down so easily. He always preferred being alone when he does something so that none disturbs him while he is at it. Likewise he was waiting for nightfall, when everyone else would be gone for shopping and stuff. 

                                                    But he didn't know what was in store for him. As he was going for his regular evening bath. The bath before the prayers , his mom told him that she aint going today. But that dint bother him much, as he felt inside ,"Good , now i can sleep earlier" . He had his bath and went and sat in front of the TV and was scanning through the different music and movie channels hoping to find something nice. Then his dad came and sat there as well , after closing the shop for the day. Then his younger brother Shyam came dressed up  in attire and ready to go. Dad was relaxing and sipping on his hot tea slowly and watching TV , but little one was raring to go. He kept on chanting "Let's go , Let's go", and dad told him to wait for 5 minutes , and he pressed on a key on the TV remote which displayed the time. After sometime he pressed it again , and it was 5 minutes. He started shouting "Its 5 minutes already, Lets go now!!" . And Dad told "wait a bit more" , and he was like " I am not coming !!!". And he ran up to the other room and slammed the door , he then changed his clothes and came and sat in front of the net book. And the mom told Ram to go with his dad. Ram had no choice as none else is going , so he got ready in minute and was ready to go. All the plans he had made for the evening had crashed away like the Titanic which was never meant to sink , yet hit an iceberg and broke into pieces and sunk. 

               Life at times gets messed up , things wont always fall in place and happen as you want it to. Just don't loose faith in yourself and wish yourselves better luck next time and move on........


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