Monday, July 18, 2011

Is engineering becoming the basic qualification now???

"What have you studied?" comes the question and the answer comes out as "B.Tech" . This is now the situation everywhere , Engineering used to be a degree of great value a few years back, but now every third person you see is an engineer. What is the reason for this phenomenon ???

Parents are always the main reason for this and in some cases the children also want to be an engineer. But well now days the world has become so competitive that , if one parent sends his child to an engineering the next one will also try doing the same and that too in a better college if possible.

Engineers are found in heaps and most of them are working off the field in which they were supposed to be working in. A few years ago , getting into an engineering college was just a dream , but now anyone can get in into one , as a college can be found around every corner. They have become more common than schools , and most of them are now left with unfilled seats.

Why do we have so many engineering colleges?

These institutions have become more of a business than a place of study. The high donation fees that they squeeze out of parents to give a management seat to their wards are unimaginable and off the charts. The fees are also mind boggling , yet people are willing to spend so much for their children , if its for their sake or is it for the sake of their pride is unknown. Well , the population is increasing and a countless number of engineers are passing out each year with less that half getting placed in a proper company. Half of the rest go into other business and stuff , some of the rest in the remaining half end up as worthless lives.

So do you really need to do engineering for a brighter future is the question ?

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