Friday, February 3, 2012

The Past Week

                    Its been quite a while since I wrote anything on my blog. Well times changed a little bit ya know. Last Saturday was quite a day, the last one of January, well it so happened that I din't have work that day since it was a fourth Saturday, so I was at home. Dad asked me , when I will sleep and I told not anytime before 3am , because by then i got used to the work timings of being awake all night and sleeping during the day time. So he told me that I should go with him at 2:30am to see grandma as she was leaving then. So well I thought why not, I'll be awake anyway so just spent time online doing some random stuff and then switched to watching anime. Then when it was the time dad called me and I got dressed up and we went. Saw grandma , bid her goodbye and then dad told me to drive. It was around 5am , and well I so love driving the car during those empty hours of the day. It was awesome driving on empty roads so fast and dad put the AC, and then my eyes were like closing , even though I was trying to keep them open and worse , buses started rolling out on the roads and their headlights flashing straight at my eyes did me no help. Still driving was awesome. Got back home about 6am and then got ready to sleep. It was my usual time when I used to reach back home after work and so lay down to sleep, but in a few minutes, the alarm started ringing, the most irritating alarm ever , the one that my bro puts, no matter how many times I shut it down it keeps ringing, you know how that feels don't you.Then what, it felt hopeless, so took my laptop which was at arms length and then like in the pictures seen on Facebook recently I held my laptop up, I was lying upright on the bed ya know. I had a small fear in me that it may fall down right on my tummy , and since its super thin , wiki says 3mm, you know a fall from above can be pretty painful. Got up and sat and then thought I will just play the Fb games that I started playing recently. Then his alarms stopped and I went back to sleep. Waking up was pretty normal , at 2:30pm.

                              The most important part of that Sunday was that , Monday followed, it wasn't like any Mondays that I've been having this past month, but had exams in college. I have a habit of studying everything only on the day of the exam, so thought I will sleep early on Sunday night and wake up early on Monday morning. There was just one doubt looming in my mind, and that was whether I would fall asleep at this hour. Well I was right, and wasn't falling asleep and just when I was asleep mom woke me up unnecessarily to eat dinner. I told them not to wake me up and now it was a disaster, I just wasn't falling asleep. And well ended p sleeping just 2 hours. And then woke at 7,only time left was to dress up and get ready. Since the first exam was Networks and security related wrote something. But well the second was a disaster, no mood to even study during the break and lots of hangover of tiredness. The only aim was to get back home early cause we had a company meeting that evening. So had to reach office early. Even the meeting was crap , our MD blamed the night batch of poor performance and told we were less productive, saying the day batch is twice as productive. But is it true? We are all newbies in the night and also we are rather half in number as compared to the day batch. The day batch has all 6 or more months experience so is it a wonder that they are better? And don't we deserve credit for being able to keep up that half productivity? Well that day went like that , got back home around 4:30 am cause I had to go to college that day for the second day of exams. Told dad to wake me up , but he forgot , so ended up waking pretty late, when I took the phone and looked at the time, it was 8:30am darn , even the bus had gone by then. Then what rushed and had to go to college via car. Both exams went real bad.

                                 Now Facebook is like monitored and banned over there in office so not using it much there, just login twice or thrice just to play the games for a bit. And thats another reason why I couldn't post anything here. 1st of February was the day , we were told to submit our rough report , but since the rest of the students had exams on 1st we got an extra life, and got one more day. So on Wednesday my friend came home at around 10:30 to start our report. Well so even that day, din't sleep well. And we started editing other reports with our content and managed to finish it by 5pm. So submitted it to teacher yesterday. Since its been quite a week for me I just decided to sleep over today and skip college. The going to college thought puts a frown on my face anyway, 4 subjects and 7 periods well how boring. Plus the sleepy feeling , altogether made me sleep today. So here I am, writing a blog after so long cause this is the only time after a week that I got some free time to write something. Well now its been said that our presentation will be on February 27 which is a relief. And as for the project we managed something within Monday and Tuesday. So completed the project without doing anything. It was so sudden, now have to know everything about it.

                          Will write again, when I get time , have to go to work tonight aswell as tomorrow night. So todays break was really something I deserved. Taking both studies and work together can be a real mess with all the stress. And its been told that classes end on March 26 so this drag will go on for sometime which is gonna be pretty harsh on my health.

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