Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day

There was a day,
There was a time,
In one of the months,
Out of an year

There is a day,
There is a time,
Teens wait for,
Every single year

There is this day,
There is this time,
The world is so filled,
By people in love

You see some love,
You see some live,
Time changes all,
But people in love

Love is so strong,
Lust is so frail,
What you see more,
Ain't people in love

You feel so cold,
You feel alone,
Cause you live a life,
Where you got no love

It is the day,
When people show love,
Is it for show,
Or is it true love

Love aint a word,
Love aint a mood,
It should prevail,
Now and for on

You say you love,
You say you care,
Then how could you leave,
The one you so love

It was this day,
It was this time,
When you swore your life,
As forever mine

Time was a game,
That took you away,
Now you live your life,
Happier than ever before

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