Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tour in College Life

                 Everyone likes going no tours with friends and family. It's always the best time we spend with them. Every college and school takes the students on a tour atleast once every year. During school life there was a time when every class had a tour but when it was our turn , they changed the setup to tours only on odd years like 5th,7th,9th and 11th standards. Still it was fun, the best being the last tour we went. But in my college things were much worse. Our seniors had pretty amazing excursions to different places, but when it came to us, it so became that tour kind of got banned. Like what the hell?? No tour in four years of college life?? It was such a disappointment, we had a strike and got suspended for it aswell. Then there was a parent-teacher meeting where the cunning management spoke like its too dangerous and risky and stuff like that. Some parents fell for it while some others were on our side. Are they forgetting that they too had gone on excursions during their college life?? And they want us to sacrifice it on what grounds?? Nothing is ever going to be perfect, mistakes need to be made and then corrected than not to take the action at all , its like cutting off a tree cause it will shed its leaves on your porch.

       Three years passed, no tour at all for us , everyone was always against us. It so happened that we got a break this year, in our seventh semester, a week long holiday due to the Pooja holidays. The college was never going to allow us an excursion so the students planned it out. We asked all the teachers if anyone of them could accompany us but none was willing to, and the only one who could come, couldn't come cause of fixture issues. People started backing out from the tour. I was determined to go anyway, whether the number of people was 10 to 40. Then we managed to get in three parents to accompany us, which got back some of those who stepped out. And thus we went on our much hyped and much awaited tour.

                             It was best ever series of days I ever had during my college life, and I am sure that all those who came on that excursion feel the same. Those were definitely the best days of my life. The best and most important part was that, it was when we actually started bonding with lots of others in our own class.  This is what a tour means to the lives of college students. So much fun and above that it brings everyone together. Too bad we all got closer only at the end of our second last sem and our last sem is almost over with regular classes being merely a month or two. This tour made us who we are today, united everyone in our class. We can never express how much the people who backed out of the tour due their silly reasons missed out. Too bad their ego let them down this time. They just missed the time of their lives. Those moments will be ever cherished in my heart. Never ever felt I would miss anything in my college life , but now have to rewrite that, will miss the last and final year the most. Will miss my friends and the awesome times spent with them. If this tour was one year before, the class would have been so much different. Wish we have one more tour before we are done with this last sem , unfortunately there aint much time left for that now. 

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