Saturday, December 3, 2011

Save Mullaperiyar

So the people have managed to put up some resistance , to put an ultimate act to bring the Government to their sense so that they act before its too late. This is for the people and by the people and of the people. 
If you can be a part of it please do, cause its for your state, your people. 

And the reason for Tamil Nadu not accepting the state of Mullaperiyar Dam seems to be this Kallanai Dam. It definitely is the oldest dam in the world but what will happen if it collapses? Whats the damage it can cause at maximum??  

And those people are comparing a dam which reserves no water with a dam that is supporting 10 TMC of water to one thats barely having any water. 

Besides if that Kallanai dam had so much water why would Tamil Nadu be depending on water from Mullaperiyar dam? Both Governments should come to terms, because it concerns both states, but more importantly Kerala. Half of Kerala will be washed away at this rate , the damage can only get worse. Please 
try to understand the seriousness of the problem rather than babbling nonsense. Its millions  of lives you are playing with. Share and spread awareness , people ought not be looking down upon this matter as some kind of political war between politicians or some kind of drama.

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