Saturday, December 10, 2011

Slavery behind veils


            It so happened that after a tiring night shift at work, I woke up at around 2pm, then had some food and played the rest of the game and then decided to check out what all happened on Facebook. Was just browsing through news feeds and saw a post by one of my school buds, saying "I dont abuse through statuses but this one deserves", I let it go and then after some time somehow it came in front of me again. As I had nothing great to do, thought of checking it out to see what it really was.


                            Read the content of this link : .

         Seriously this is a share, really need people to read this and realize the truth. It might take quite a bit of your time, do take your time to read it out. I never thought or expected slavery to exist in this 21st century world, and of all places in one of the richest countries in the world. And i really need to share this cause i know people with the same dreams, wishing and hoping their dreams come true if they go there :  Dubai of all places is hell hidden under the veil of luxury,fame,riches and fortune. I remember friends saying "I want to go to Dubai when I am older", and so on. What the world sees is a place where the richest people in the world live, even I wished i could be there as i used to be fascinated by the Exotics and Imports they showcased. Most of the worlds best supercars can be found there and that too lots of them. Money,power and a dictator what could be worse than living life as a forced slave with no hope. Plain daylight cheating supported by the Police who are supposed to be for the people: it seems they are there for the money, money and money. Even those who suffered once and are now enjoying a happy life dont seem to care for the suffering people,knowing how hard it is for them.Money is power,a ruler supported by greedy corrupt officials.

                           In this 21st century where robots are taking over humans in doing most of the work, where most human work can be substituted by a machine, who would ever want to live a life like that?
A life where you are denied your basic human rights, where your given less value than a pet, treated so miserably that you would just wish it rather ended than drag on like this.
Will the families of the people be knowing this bitter truth? The families living in the homeland maybe under the assumption that all is well and life is heaven over there. When you get a job abroad and if its Dubai, you and your family will be thrilled and those lowlife agents offering the poor people jobs promising huge salaries , giving dreams of a life of a prince. All people who go there may not suffer so , depends on the jobs they are in , but if its labour  then you are done for. This is the life that awaits you. I just have a question , what do people do with all this money?? You cant take it with you in your grave when you die anyway.


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