Thursday, December 29, 2011

Music : Present or Past Era ?


                  This picture was the main reason why I even thought about this topic. Is it really true that music has been degrading over the years rather than going from strength to strength. Now anyone goes around making some music videos and then just posts it on Youtube or Facebook and it spreads on and people get famous. Isn't it a bit too shocking if everyone does that. I have heard this Rebecca Black song only once till now and right now since I don't even remember how it sounded like, I am going to listen to it one more time. Seeing 15 million hits on youtube gives me the freaks. What is actually happening to all these people.

          First it was Justin Beiber, to tell the truth I heard "Baby" for the first time on a weird site and hearing the voice I felt it was a girl singing it, and since I wasn't so much aware of it I never realized it till I saw the music video. Of course there are lots of fans for him and he has got talent.

           The other main reason for me to think on this subject is that Dad doesn't like most of the English songs I listen to but he used to have awesome collections of english songs on the 70's , 80's . Disks of Pink Floyd , Deep Purple and much more. It seems that was the era of pure rock songs, what is rock now is a mere shadow of what rock used to be back then. maybe thats why the singers and bands of that era can never be compared to anyone of this generation. I may not be able to enjoy all of the songs of the past but there are some really awesome songs that I love so much like "Shoot to Thrill", "Sweet child 'o  Mine" , "Smoke on the water" ,and more. What happens now days in mostly music thats integrated with technology. Too much modulations unlike the raw and pure spirit of music in the previous era. Respect for them for what they were, what they still are , and what they will always be : Legends.

               So what would be your take on the previous era and the present era of musicians and bands. Come to think of it , the fear I have right now is seeing the next generation play instruments on their iPhones, iPads or Android devices. Now the world is in a smartphone after all and almost all future enhancements are smartphone oriented. Lets just wait and see what the future holds.

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