Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My First Job

        Job, the one thing 6 out of 10 students aim for when after completing their graduation courses. When I used to hear job at the time I joined my Engineering course, I never had any hope of getting any job when I passed out of college. Infact I never wanted to do Engineering in the first place. Was always interested in animation and believed working in a field of interest will be most enjoyable. Well anyway now that I've joined it by force or by lack or resistance I had to pass out somehow. So kept studying the way I could or how i wanted to, and so time passed. 

                       Like in every engineering college we also had to do a main project in our last year or more precisely in the last semester. The design had to be submitted at the end of the seventh semester. Actually I was pretty clueless as to what we would do this time around cause we screwed up our mini project and the marks awarded to us were the lowest of all groups. We were both shocked and enraged, cause we did our project ourselves and we got so low marks and those who brought projects from outside and submitted got way better marks. So much for the "do it yourself" motto. Many groups remained unchanged while mine had a small change, one member got swapped, thats how you can put it. This time the idea was his. He came up with the idea of doing a project for iPhone, his ideas were sleek, we added a few minor add-ons of our own to it. Then we set out to find a place where we will get aid to put our ideas into form. We went to lots of places, but no luck. Finally we found a few places, they all claimed stuff. But due to financial reasons we chose the place where we had to pay the least, even that was quite a huge sum of money. It was in Technopark, over here this is our IT city, its the one place in Trivandrum where you feel you aint in Trivandrum, thats how the campus is. But the problem was that we couldn't put our ideas into action. They told if you want to do it you can , but they will take it as a client project, even without all the features. So we dropped the idea and chose one of their live projects, so it would be easier for them to help us with our project. But the shock that came in the coming weeks was when iOS 5 was released. Siri came with almost every feature we were planning to implement and even more advanced than we could imagine. We all felt like our idea was stolen, wel in any case they may have been working on it for some time.

                   So we started going there and started learning the basics of how to program in Xcode. Since we were in the last year and it was that time when companies start recruiting final year students. Since our college is in some kind of rural area, not many companies come there for campus recruitment. One by one friends in other colleges were getting placed. Then one fine day, our marketing manager told us that there are vacancies and they are looking for freshers and if we knew anyone, we should let them know about the vacancy in the company. My friend grabbed the hook, instead of the pass outs he told them that we are interested. And he never let go of the hook and finally convinced him to arrange an interview for us. Those two days were the funniest days, infact none would have given us a job in that condition. All of us forgot to take a resume , plus my dressing was too damn informal, sneakers included. The aptitude test went fine, though my program was pretty messed up. Then the interview, couldn't get funnier. It was the project manager, but we knew him as we were students there for some time. Couldn't answer most of the questions, yet we were selected, next was the HR interview. We were pretty scared about it but the scenario that awaited us was different. The MD just told some conditions that we should follow and right away gave us the job. We were so darn thrilled, the joy had no bounds. I got a job, my first job , and that too in Technopark. We students at that time in our seventh semester got ourselves a job and had to join on the 1st of December 2011. Thus now I have a job and I am still in my last semester of college. Feels pretty awesome to have a job when you pass out and more importantly a good long work experience by the time all results are out and cleared.

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