Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Everytime I start typing nowadays,
I get indulged in thoughts,
That cleanse me in dreams,
Leaving the poem stranded

Why can't I focus anymore,
That I finish what I have started,
Why can't I ever focus,
On finishing off what I've started

My mind wanders in thoughts,
Of the un-happenable stuff in life,
Where I'm anything but sad,
Living the life of some superstar

Thinking something I start off,
With a projected outcome in mind,
Built like one of those castle in air,
So paper thin yet elegant

There is no longer a focus,
That urges a step forward,
The spirit lacks the inspiration,
To strive to achieve the greats

I sit still and think of life,
But then end up day dreaming,
And then time passes on,
Like a jet fighter in the skies 

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