Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Autumn of Life

Been a while since you have left,
But the longer it becomes,
The lesser it seems since you left

Memories may fade out with time,
But they are still etched in you,
And suddenly out of nowhere,
They pop out in your mind

The void left by the parting,
Gets filled by tears uncontrollable,
The space that you made your own,
Will never be filled by anyone else

Its that season of the life again,
When the leaves detach themselves,
From the tree that held them together,
And flow with the wind to far off destiny

Little do they know,
What they meant to the tree,
One by one they left em,
Leaving behind a soul stripped off its life

Once they supported em stand up tall,
Give shelter to the meek,
Spread out shades or joy and sorrow,
Granted by all of them put together

Leaves will sprout again,
As nature prepares for another season,
But not always do the tree bear,
The sweet fruits it once used to bear