Friday, November 23, 2012

iPhone Apps Thanksgiving Sale

               Not until last year did I know that there existed a day called "Thanksgiving Day", and the so called Black Friday. My friend was like Black Friday is on, the special day of the year when you get stuff for free and with huge discounts. He did manage to download lots of games for free as well last year especially Gameloft games. They do put up quite a few apps for free and lots on discount.

Guess what I found this time, don't waste time, cause its a once in a lifetime offer on some of these apps , let me just list out a few that caught my attention.

Asphalt 7 : Heat : Free on iOS - Link
                             Rs 55 on Android - Link

Fifa 13 : $ 2.99 / Rs 170 on iOS - Link
Real Football 13 :  Free on iOS  - Link

                              Free on Android - Link

Amazing Spiderman : Rs 55 / $ 0.99 on iOS  -  Link
                                   Rs 55 on Android - Link

Gangstar : Rio : Rs 55 on Android - Link
                          Rs 55 on iOS - Link

Do check out and download them soon, cause you may not get them like this anymore

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all of you.

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