Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love ish Eternal :)

As you awll know it :)
Its what cannot be explained but it sure can be aswell :o i dunt know how to put it out thou :)

that sweet n serene feeling , that keeps you going on n on :)

>:D< But what people of these times dont realize it what love actually is ,:)
1st of all , its not gf-bf thingy :| , er atleast it used to be in the past i guess , but no a gf-bf thingy doesnt really have much importance in most cases :) as , who knows who really loves whom nah , of course it sure can exist , thats just one side :) , but a rare thing , all just got a lil attraction n then wat :| , in the end some one gets hurt as a break up takes place :| , whats the real reason huh? she says he doesn love me anymore , n he says well the other way :)


stay safe:P

dont try this on net =))
:P lolx :P

action performed on net n in real life are totally insane n may be injurious to both physical n mental health :)
stay safe :P please dunt try this at home or at school :P

>:S< hehe:) ^__^

thas a happy ending :P


my dear freinds stay happy always:)
friendship is the best way of love:) .m need more tym 2 write on this :) m wandered off again hehe:P
oopsy sorry ;;; :P


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