Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thoughts ....etc :P -II

Here i am again , .....taking up from where i left :O , i know its totally impossible for me to continue from wherever i leave :\ so here i am , i dunno where exactly , i think i better start writing from some where na :| , oopsy i left writing this blog midway -__-

i forgot that i was even writing it . dum dum me -__-

what do i even write:O right now m totally blank :O

n hell yeah <3>
n well it was all about general knowledge :O , er did i know anything ? ah who knows that nah :| let it be :P , if ny1 wanna asnwer any qt of that :P here , wheres the hq of UNESCO anyway? :O i forgot that i think -__- wrote geneva :| , kuz thas the only name that comes to my mind :| it was one hour exam :) n after that the showed a lil demo of CISCO n Microsoft stuff :) , well its kewl i guess:) , had nothing to loose anyway , so 1 basic course ==48hrs ha :| , so 512hrs == ? ;O how long would that be? Anyways dad always wanted to push me into some other course side by side with this , so lets see when the result comes nah , 90% fer a scholarship ha? i bet m wont even get 80% duh , but lets see , results on 10th ie wednesday , i cant be there anyway so might aswell go on saturday :) oh crap i just remembered that i have a pending assignment to do :P

n wat the hell -__- now my friend has reminded me that teacher had told to study something :O ah crap who knows :\

so the story ends hea:P my blogs becoming more of a dairy day by day , let it be :) ^__^ need an outlet anyway:) ..unclosed ;;;; :P <3

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