Sunday, August 19, 2012

Facebook : Virtuality or Reality ?

              Facebook as you know it, has actually blended itself into our daily lives before we even realised it. Its more than just an addiction, its no longer how much time you spend on it anymore, its what all you share and do there now that  matters. Now let me take a look back at the path I've followed over to here.

                Guess it was in 2007 that I first signed up in Facebook, don't exactly remember why, but it was definitely cause one of my friends told me about it, and I was in some sort of frenzy signing up in all sorts of Social networking sites starting with Orkut , then through Myspace,Tagged , and Mingle Box to name a few. Back in those days, not really any of my friends used Facebook much, but there were quite some apps , games to be precise which actually made me addicted to Facebook back then. I used to log in just to play those games,as most of them were turn based and time based. In some months time, I had to desert Facebook for good, once and for all, once I reached the top on all those games that I used to play. I used to login at times just to check on it, and it wasn't until 2009 that I started clawing my way back over there, for the sake of some people held so dear to me.

               Out of the blue, Orkut started collapsing, still don't know what triggered this sudden collapse, people started migrating in packs from Orkut to Facebook. Maybe it was the security issues and lack of privacy, the possibility of getting hacked , which all led to this inevitable crisis. Thus slowly got everyone over here on Facebook.

        Coming to the question, is Facebook or any other of the social websites a Virtual world? Have heard lots of people saying its a fake world out there. They keep saying its all virtual and nothing is real and to keep away from Facebook. Let me guess, something bad happened to you din't it? Most probably got cheated by someone you met online. The most common could be relationships and money related incidents. Shit happens!! Its true, you can't avoid tough luck all the time. Just cause something bad happened doesn't mean its a virtual world.

        "The real world is full of fake people and Facebook is full of fake personalities."

  You have to be on the safer side. Just don't go about trusting anyone blindly if you aren't prepared to face the worst, in fact its a tough decision to make when you choose to trust someone with something, especially cause you can never tell people apart, for all of them are sitting behind another computer screen somewhere else in the world. You can't even be sure if a profile of a girl is actually a girl or a boy pretending to be a girl.

      Incidents take place even in the real world where you get duped by impostors pretending to be someone else. It happens a lot more on this so called "Virtual World" cause everyone gets to play the role of the villain without bringing themselves to light, and people misuse the opportunity. Trust is like glass, once broken you can never fix it again. Why break someone's faith in you for your entertainment?

           You are only one to blame for what happens to you. Staying away is not the solution to this. Its merely running away from the face of truth. Be strong enough to make decisions. And most importantly know when you should say "No", and when to say it. It's your weakness that leads to your downfall.

          I ain't running away fearing the worst. Come what may, for I've got friends who'll back me up even in the worst. Facebook actually helped me keep in touch with all my buds. And it even helped me bring out my old self which I had lost during a rough transition period. Sharing is caring they say, isn't that true? Doesn't mean you should upload pics of your relatives death on that dreaded event's eve, that's going way too far.

       So is it virtuality or reality? Its what you make of it. Be real, be yourself, you'll find real people even if its 1 in 10, cause most of us want to be like someone else and just doesn't like being ourselves, which leads to the rise of these fake personalities.

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