Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Even thou I lost my will,
Even thou I lost my soul,
Why do I always feel,
So insecure , so darn helpless

Even thou I lost myself,
Even thou I miss myself,
Why do I always feel,
So inferior , so darn hopeless

What do I even do now,
Where do I move on now,
I lay here stuck and desperate,
Trying to find my way out

People say Move On,
Like its no big deal at all,
But when put in the same bottle,
Why can't they just Move On ?

You are no different than me,
In fact you crumble sooner,
The rubble is messier,
Than when it was me

I feel insecure about your future,
You'll drift farther apart,
I feel insecure about our future,
Cause you're drifting away

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