Sunday, September 9, 2012

SICS Foundation Day

        SICS or rather Srishti Innovative, is the name of the company where I work in. Its been ten months now since I've been working there. A lot has changed, especially my life and lifestyle. When I look back now, never did I even imagine of getting a job anywhere, but then again I or rather us- the group- were the first ones to get a job from our batch. That by itself was something out of the blue. People may look at it as a small company, but then again when you look at the fact, no company was founded big. They all started with just a handful of people and then over the years managed to reach where they are now, will thousands of employees and lots of offices spread out wide. Leave that aside and coming to the main point of this blog, September 4th is the foundation day of our company SICS. And this year, the company completed five years of existence.

           Foundation Day or Annual Day as we used to call it during school days, is pretty much the same  here as well. That only day of the year where every employee enjoys to the fullest, coupled with some cultural activities and entertainment. And this year to make sure that everyone participated, the group was split into three teams. Teams were to have a solo song, a group song , a solo dance , a group dance and a skit, with more participation welcome. Thus the practice began about two weeks ahead of the foundation day, well all this practice had to be done after work hours or on weekends. Thus the different teams started practicing the various items or at least the other two teams.

              I so badly wanted to participate for something for the first time and thought I'll take up a slot in the skit. Well our team was blessed with the best storywriter you know. He prepared two skits , the first had only two characters, and the other one required a lot of characters. I was the perfect fit for the first one by appearance thou not by linguistic skills or acting skills. I did practice a bit on it for a single day on it , but never again got time for it thereafter , cause I was on leave for the next week, as it was Onam and the only vacation that my parents get. And thus I left, hoping that I'd be replaced properly by someone who fits in well.

                   I got back home on Sunday morning, the 2nd of September. And I came to know that they were all practicing and recording for the skit and dance that day. On Monday, I was asked to stay back to practice saying that I had two small roles in the play. Well, for your information I always had stage fear cause I've never been on stage and never wanted demanding roles. But I did get two roles that actually suited me best, where I din't even have to speak a word. It was the best skit ever, talk about creativity , all credits to him for the awesome story -a  spoof one- and direction.

      I've uploaded the video on Youtube, cause its a must watch, and if you understand Malayalam and if you are a developer do see it, you'll really love it for sure. And for the rest , there are some action sequences along the way, do check it out, cause theres one scene which is still unbelievable to all of us as it came out picture perfect, for an on stage performance, it really is something to rewind an action and redo it perfectly.

Here I present before you, our skit : Small B - The iPhone Version

All credits to Sinson for the story and direction. And all credits to the cast and crew who did their best to make this a success.

It was our Foundation Day, another one will come only after a year. Hoping the growth of the company continues, and there be plenty more amazing moments to enjoy on this path.

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