Saturday, June 23, 2012

Shining Star

Now I've withered out bright,
Shining like a little star,
Which found long lost blaze,
Scattered out far withe the wind

This new found love,
That emits a breeze of joy,
Wrapped in a mystic halo,
Soothing thy soul within

This musical beats of power,
The feelings that rise within,
Bring out tears of joy,
Overflowing with your love

Memories lie inside,
Wrapped in warmth,
Inexpressible and sleek,
Bourne by the depths of heart

I find no words that connect,
The eternal bonds that stand tall,
Even after the worst of clashes,
Which seemed worse than doom

I see a better world now,
I see the sky bluer than ever,
I feel the wind breezier,
I feel like I'm crumbling inside

Don't wanna be confused anymore,
But I've not a clue as to what I seek,
Don't wanna be useless no more,
But know not how not to be so

But I see a ray of hope somewhere,
It seems to be reaching out to me,
Even when I'm falling this pit,
With a frail hope of survival

I can't fall down right now,
Not with so many friends' trust in me,
I can't let their hopes hang in air,
For them the star shall shine on

This shining star will never fade out,
Until the very end of life force,
Neither shall any other shining stars,
That carry hopes of their dear ones

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