Friday, June 22, 2012

My Sister, My Love

Sometimes in my thoughts,
I wish I had a sister,
Someone to love,
And someone to care

A girl is someone,
Who understands a boy better,
So ain't it better to have a sister,
Instead of having a brother

I wanted a sister,
Way younger than me,
I wanted to care for her,
Like my own child

Brothers do fight a lot,
Usually for the same stuff,
But between a bro and a sis,
The reasons will differ

Someone to hold you hands,
While crossing the streets,
Someone to hug you tight,
When crying in pain

A smile can turn the tables,
Like a rainbow after a storm,
The beauty of your smile,
Can soothe the pains within

I've never had a sister,
Never known what its like,
But I wish I had a sister,
To really feel what its like

Feel a little jealous seeing films,
Even if it ain't so real as shown,
But having a sister would be different,
In about a million ways

Love ain't always about commitment,
A relationship ain't always about being committed,
Love is what binds us all together friends and family alike,
Love is when you are really concerned about someone

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