Sunday, July 25, 2010

FB stats postings part 2

Some more of my status posts :) ^__^
just posting here so that i dunt loose my own thought :\
i always tend to forget whateveh that comes to mind in a few minutes na :)
it always so so happens :)
so once again m posting some of the postings ,i dunno if you will like or not
but i just dont wana loose them :)

♥ m nt scard ta tel nythn at ny1x face,m tel wat i need ta,hu eva it maybe ,if i lyk m acpt,if i dnt,i wil surely say i dnt wana til d end ,evn ta dad,thou mst of d tym dn i luze to him ♥

♥ too much of nythn is alwax bad,maintain dat balance bw thngs n it wil al b betr na,m nt alwax sad nor hapi,nt so sweet or bitter,m nt d bst or d wrst,m jux me,take me d way i am,kux i aint gng ta change ♥

♥ wen 2 ppl lub each othr truly , wateva dat cumx in bw ta hurt is jux a test by god 2 c,if dy kan realy b 2gtr undr ny calamity,simple qt,wil u stil luv em if nythn hapnx ta em?i wil 4 sua ♥

♥ dreams are your wishes ,that u can make happen if u wish to :) , not the mythical ones lyk havin a dragon or flying with wings :P ,but to get to where u want n be wat u wana b,its ur strength to face all difficulties in d way dat matters,kuz in d end u will b happy even if the path is a bit painful :) ♥

♥ dun b afraid,u knw me,i knw u,dnt let lil thngs gv u away sum1,ntn can b acheivd wo gng thru a lil pain,stand strng na,v wil b k na,m sua na,u dnt nd ta do dis naw,kux v ah meanta b togetha ♥

♥ life is not perfect,it cant be 100% perfect but u can try to perfect it with will power,b strong n u can do nythin,belive in urslef,u r important 4 sum1 4 sure,realise it dat u aint alone,never will b,atleast m b there 4 ya always ♥

♥ i knw u luv me,u knw i luv u,den watx d prob? Keep runnin away n both ends wunt meet na,i alwax blvd in u,n i was ryt na,i knw ua d bst thng dat hapnd 2 me,n evr wil remain kux m lost in u 4eva ♥

♥ the darknex fallx, d moons hidin undr d clouds,y dnt u jus show ur face out n spread sum lyt,i mis u lyt of ma lyf,glow on na,n spread hapinex na ♥

♥ u've become a part of me , u wil alwax b ryt here, nw i cant seperate , myslf frm wat i've done ♥

♥ u use n throw away stuf, datx lifelex , bt wat if itx got a lil breath still? ♥

♥ to hurt or nt to hurt is ur choice , if i m ntn 4 u ,dn dnt evn read dis statx , if u go,dn it wil b endlex pain,n if datx wat u wan,ty ty,m take it as a gift n kp it 4evah ,lub jaw♥

♥ d day dint start so bad ha, 1st blood,then a cold ,nw a bang on d door , well high on xpectatnx nw 4 smtyn big to happn,even d sky seems gloømy n ready to kry wid me :) ♥

♥ ny1 kan make a promise,itx keepin it datx d real deal,dnt misuse words,i hav til nw kpt evrythn kux if i dnt,i wil b bugd by guilty conciense,unlyk u ppl,mebe m jux 2 primitive,bt my word standx over my lyf,u r n u wil b alwax wat u wer ta me,evn if i mean ntn 2 u ♥

♥ in this world the 1s who care are the real stupids :) , but i dunt mind being one :) , cause i dont care about everything , i just care about whats most important for me,i belive in phase changes,it happens,natural,that wont hurt me as much as u think,yet if u r hurt then plz stay away from me for ur own gud :) ♥

♥ faith :) , i stll belive in wat u told :) ...... cause wen deres faith impossible is nothing :) , its ur own words :) , if u belive then u can :) , if u dunt , then u cant :) , but i always belived n always will b belive :) , hope it doesnt become too late wen u start believing urslef aswell :) ♥

♥ its always easy to use n throw :) , once u get bored with ur stuff u may throw them away,idk,but i always protect my stuff,every single thing wateveh it may be,i dunt throw away or destroy wats myn,i never will,i will protect n keep them with me kuz its a part of me :) ♥

♥ love,care n affection was never meant fer me,n the last thing i need is pity n sympathy,stay away from me for your own gud,u may see me as gud,ur mistake,ppl who known me well knows hw bad i am,none cud bear me,i win\m/,m d real pain,always will b ur curse,sowei to hurt ny1,n dnt ask me y,u dnt wana knw kuz den u will hate urslef kuz of me ♥

♥ when there is faith , impossible is ntn ,n datx y i believe ,no matter hw many tyms i fall ,i jus wunt giv up wat i need , m awl urx ♥

♥ 2 souls bound by destiny,each conisderin them as bad,fightin to prove wats pointless,ie that dey r bad,considering deir own situations as d wrst ever,n dey got 2 ppl,1 a best fwen hus been der 4 long n den each other,yet dey dunt admit it ♥

♥ u may blow me or hold me,i have already given myself to u,nw it upto u,raisin me or crushin is upto u n i leave it to u,but just making it clear to u , i need u , yesterday,today n tommorw,n tommorow never dies ,not till my breath dies♥

♥ m nt xatly wat ny1 wan me 2 be , m nt xatly wat ppl thought m 2 b, m jus wat nature wants me 2 b :),m wat i am by my own decision , nuffin can change me nw,if i were to change dat shuda happnd 11 years ago,i am me d way i wana b,silent yet true ♥

♥ m nt d 1 who changes my decision ever, m always sticked to my principles n beliefs, if i dunt,then from then on u can say i dunt exist no more,the sankar in me will b dead then once n forall,kuz i belive, m nt dat gud but m stil gota giv awl a chance 2 prov dat dey aint bad ♥

♥ .....i knw its hard to prove nythin i can undstnd wat hapnd in d past n dats y i neveh blame ny1 fer hw dey treat me ,kuz its hard to not consider wat happnd once happenin again,but i put my faith in u :) ,if nythin happns let it den till den m dn kare of wat others say ♥

♥ the world has becum so so, that ppl r jealous,they think,if i dunt get it neither shud u. y?? ...true frenship,love n time are the oly things that i can never have even if i wish,kuz d rest of d things i can have if i gota will,but i dunt have a will m hapie wid wat m got :) ♥

♥ the truth wil b truth oly , n i dnt need to hide it anyway , bt dat dunt mean that the wrong ppl gota take d responsibilities 4 d wrng thngs, m so darn sowie 4 dis confusion,bt d reasn aint u,hop u undstnd ♥

♥ ppl do wateveh they want :) , i neve complained n ion care :) den pullin me into d mess? jux leave me outa it :),i really got nufin to say n i dun kare :) , unfo wateveh i do seems to b a mistake fer awll :) m so darn sowei,if i do or if i dunt both are my fault ♥

♥ i knw dat m nt alwax ryt,bt dn m nt alwax wrng na,plx fgv me if m did or said nythn wrng na ,m sowie din mean ta hrt ny1 ♥

♥ here ya go :\ , u dunt need to xplain uasef 2 d ppl hu kare kuz dey dun need it :\ n d rest dun kawe -_- hwssat ?:\ ....wat do i make outa dat -__- i still dunt mind :),kuz m hope 1 day u awl will undstnd wat i meant n idc even if it goes in vain ♥

♥ there may always be alternatives fer everythin livin ya non livin :) ,bt i dunt luk fer alternatives,i dnt need to consider kuz i knw were i stand, m jus 2 lucky meybe,bt if oly u 2 undstnd wat ur doin n do in d ryt way none will get hurt else dey will get hurt ♥

♥ all you ever wanted was someone who u truly love come to you :) , little things give you away to some1.....little things give u to u :) ....... ♥

♥ trust,faith n belief are awl d same :) n das wat m neveh seen in me :) , 2 bad m dat bad :) , but i dunt want yew 2 have dem n den kry :) bettah u dunt ahve it n dnt kawe abt me :) ,tas hw fwenship is lyk nah:) oly i need to kry ,y shud d rest sufr kuz of me :) ♥

♥ words come out in many different ways,m duno,i may nt say the ryt things or do the ryt things at d ryt tyms,its not kuz i dunt wanta,its jud tat i dunow wat is ryt at wat tym,m jus scared,none wud undstnd dat,not even a wrd i say kuz u havent been thru this ♥

♥ diff ppl do diff things diffrntly , there will always b differences ,but sumtyns are meant to b dun in a way,if not it causes the wrong effekt,m nt prfkt,bt m gt feelings 2,smtyns hurt,wish i xist wen all of u really undstnd i dunt wanabe,m jus a boy toy ♥

♥ awl d lil wrds i say makes no sense to any1,or they jus wanna pretend that they dunt hear me,u dunt realise hw much it hurts,if oly i cud make u see u thru me,unfo i cant,m nt here to be liked,bt to make u c wats d truth,hope u get it 1 day ♥

♥ 1st of awl undstnd ppl , n their nature:) ^__^ ,most ppl jus are doin stuff fer time pass n fer their own enjoyment :) ,watch yerself nah,else many will get hurt,cause u shud undstnd ppl nt by sweet wrds bt by the ryt wrds :) bot to please bt to correct :) ♥

♥ at tyms the lil things u say mean the most :) ,even if there is nufin to tok on ,jus say sumtyn :).... ,thas wat i really luk for to kuz m always been against the wall n unused to starting up a convo ...n i dunt blame ny1 its just me♥

♥ awl of u wantd ta grow up wen u wer yung bt i alwax wantd ta remain yung oly,idk y ,i neva wantd ta grow up,kux i was alwax hapie dat way n smhw flt hw it wud awl change smday,nw i knw i flt ryt ♥

♥ the curtainx raise,nw the show has begun , oh baby itx rainin rainin,the hizzin drizzlin,fall onto me,go thru me ♥

♥ the curtains fall,the power fails ,i see eternal gloom everywhere
the sky is so dull,the suns hidden itself thee
oh heavenly light fall upon thee wet soil n get em dried once again ♥

♥ .....let me flow ..... that you can feel me :) ...feel me just once and you will know :) ♥

♥ the sun goes down n comes up , but the moon may not always :) , it seeks its own tym to show up , n may even not come,dat dunt mean the moon is dead :),it will come back again to wher it belongs :) ♥ gunyt awl tcx:) >:D< ♥

♥ sometimes wat really hurts is things that are not really meant to hurt, but it awl depends on the perceiver , there wll always be a lota interpretations, take in d ryt way on d ryt situation n ntn will hrt, believe in wat u blv n never let it break no mater wat,n u wunt get hurt ♥

♥ dere will always be many qts left unanswered :) ..sumday..sum1 will know wat it was n y it was.....
the truth never stays hidden .....n thas d oly reason y i never hide nythin , cause resistance is futile :) ♥

♥ do u know y there aint no more gud ppl arnd?? :) its kuz awl of them have been pushed out beyond der limits dat really changed dem,fer deir survival dey had to switch to bein bad,kuz thas d oly way fer dem,but iono wat i am,gud or bad ,nyway nt d best ,m wat i am,n i aint scared of nythin,kuz survival is d last thin m concerned abt ♥

♥ hit me,kik me,kill me,do wateveh u want♥ ion kawe kuz if ders ny falw in me its kuz of wat i dint do n not wat i did ^^ , dere maybe sumtyns i do wen m outa normal senses,moi apologies fer dat,i dint do on purpose na,but well m alwas sowei fer wateveh hapns kuz of me :),kuz m jus 2 bad fer awl :) n i knw dat best :) ♥

♥ wat a bizy world ..none has nytime ..... not even to realise who really cares n who doesnt , n really care aint meant ta be said out,ppl shud undstnd it :)too bad m always gota say n yet ppl dnt undstnd :) , m jus a joke nah , Akhilesh Albie says v shud make ppl laugh :), ye bro ♥ tru dat , bt m such a mess to b anythin for ny1 ♥

♥ they awl think m weak ....jus cause i always let stuff be n dunt react ....the thing isat ... not awl can forgive everyone .... n i consider it my best asset that m can always fgv , no matter how much i get hurt :) kuz in life if u dunt fgv sum1, none will fgv yew either ♥

♥ oly 1 small qt do i have to ask ya.....
if ya really ever had any faith in me....
what is it that made you loose it ....
i jus wanan know that ... nuffin else..
coz in moi senses m neveh did nythin wrng ......
dat m sure .....if m did nythin off moi senses m sorry
but i wanan know wat it is....
so plz do temme dat m dunt b so bad nymoe

♥ sumtyns cant b spoken in wrds so wat ..belive in yourslef ..... u will see then :) , trust n love cant be foreced upon any1 it has to come on its own ....n if it were true.... nuffin can break it ......luk arnd u n u will see hw bad d wrld is, n then u assume,but wen u realise d truth it maybe jus 2 late , but m wait foreveh ♥

♥ it aint always about u or me that really matters,some things are sometimes left untold , jus so that the ones we luv dont get hurt coz of us, but 1 thing, if you really luv sum1,u can always fgv n undstnd the lil flaws n feelings kept behind ♥

i guess thats awll fer naw :) ^^
awll this i posted after my last fb stats post :) ^__^

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