Sunday, July 25, 2010

A new sem , halfway point

Allright , so m in 3rd year ....the 5th sem of engg is underway :) .....
half of college life is over ...... now at halfway point i still have no clue what i plan to do next....

i am so blank , what now??
time has passed away so fast ...... in another couple of days i will finish engg , right now it may seem like its goin to take ages .....
its more like wen ur curious to know something , every minute will be like ages , n when your in a hurry to complete something or to reach somewhere in time , its like minutes are like seconds :)

Life goes away so :)
what we like goes away so fast n the hard times stall upon us .....
time is equal , but we just want the good times to stay on n never end n the bad times to go away fast, but it doesnt happen so .....

i wish i had all the old times back again :)
i never wanted 2 grow up :)
i never wanted to live my life on my own , i always wanted to be with my parents ....
i wondered what i will do after some years , what will i do? what will i be?
but then y??? y me??? y should i ???

people are all concerned about their own lives , parents about their children n so on ......
but for what??
why do i have to study ???
to do what?
the various answers i hear are like for a family, for a job, to feed them , for a life etc etc ...
y have a life???
whats in a life???

think :O .....
the world doesnt even have any chance of supporting life if things go at this rate ......
then what??? goin to mars n moon ???? :\
what are people thinkin??? :O

even in such crisis , one is concerned about all this whats happening around :\

nyway rest i will say in another post \:
m mixing up too many thoughts .....

so the point is that ... college life is meant to rock ....
but i got myself into such a place that its worse than a school :\
n all these restrictions here makes things really hell
now all these anti-ragging stuff makes things like :\
1 look or 1 word at a 1st yr student == ragging , what the hell ???
i know i wont get messed upto into that cause i dont talk to anyone an i dont care , but my friends are getting into trouble nah , for all the wrong reasons

is this a college or what??

n classes are worse :\
they surely teach everything thats 1 thing good, but its like school still :\
n then asking qts every period wats with that??? :\
i have no clue :\
it makes life sick :\
hate going there :\
no play ground or anything
they even dont like college day :\
last year it almost got cancelled :\
how pityful :\ ,
too much force is always bad , strict is not discipline is it?
are we not old enough to be ??? .... under such circumstances who will ever get mature? ??
they treat us like babies :\
n bunking isnt even possible :\
even if u manage to get out of class , where to go????
no place to go n do anything
its a prison or what??
children at this age will wanna do lotta stuff, but when supprressed they feel rebellious , its natural

just cause they are all old people,doesnt mean they gotta be so mean to us , they also passed through this phase once , they mustave done worse than what we are doing
then why the hell are they depriving us of what they could do???

injustice...... :)

they are only making themselves be hated by all ....
okies 1st years will like them cause of the protection they get at that time , what happens the next year ha???
juniors should respect seniors n not threaten them :\
what is this?

where is this so called justice???
when we were ragged , where the hell were they then???
huh :\

what a pity ......

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