Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Unsafe India


              This is what I read, unfortunately read it only today cause I'm so freaking out of touch with worldly happenings these days, less Facebook-ing definitely has its after effects on daily life it seems.

The bus driver ram singh went out with his 6 friends
the girl and the guy was called by the driver and were given proper tickets ( the bus was a school bus with black curtains .. Not permitted for transport use ) the girl was 23 a very good student and wanted to reach dwarka mor.
After they got in , the guys hit a rod on the guys's head and threw him out , then raped the girl one by one which was moving continuously in the posh areas of delhi and ncr.
After raping her badly , one of them inserted a very long rod in her va**** which almost killed her and threw her out and ran away.

She was lying in the middle of the road hurt and nude.. Not even single person helped her or covered her for an hour.
When police came in no one helped them pick her up. They were just not interested at all.

The girl's va**** + small and large intestine is totally damaged and she cannot live a married or normal life. Doctor said " main bayan nahi kar sakta ki ussne kya kya zheela hai ... Bolte hue muzhe dard hota hai ". She has gone in coma 5 times from 16th dec. She is unconscious , critical and is still crying. The ribs are damaged as well.

That's the whole story
And that's what Delhi people are.
And her only fault was that she took a wrong bus

You have sisters , mothers , daughters and so many females at home.
Please don't sit and relax
Its not that small deal ... Its bout your families safety..

            And this is what happens in the capital city of our country. So many questions may arise in our minds. Like "What is wrong with those guys?" , "Are they so mentally retarded to go to such extremes?","How can any human be like this?" 
      Sadly, there is no point even wondering how they can be like this, cause they are.Not just them, there are lots of them out there like this, waiting for their opportunity to pounce on some unlucky girl out there, be it in broad daylight or after hours, be it all alone, or with a friend, whether you wear proper clothing or show-off minimal clothing, none of it makes any difference to the ones who are just poised on committing this deed to fulfil their inner desires or maybe some personal satisfaction. What makes them do it?? There can be many reasons, but the most important is definitely the Laws and Regulations in India. 

       The System is corrupt, in each and every level of the hierarchy, over 70% of the officials will be corrupt. This may be one of the silver arrows the accused maybe keeping in his quiver, which he knows is a sure shot escape route from the death knot. Looking back at the case of Kasab who killed so many innocent people and still wasn't hanged right away, but instead was kept in royal custody and given royal treatment before he was finally hanged after he celebrated anniversaries of his achievements. What do you expect from them? How do you expect them to treat a rape case, where the victim is alive? They can come up with reasoning beyond imagination to defend the accused and criticise the victims. 


           Different people have different views and different reasoning on the aforementioned incidents.
Here I'm quoting what one of my friends posted on Facebook.

I believe that the rise in rape cases these days is not because the rapists are taught to be rapists by their parents(yes every parent teach their child to be good) but the excessive consumerism that is prevailing in society...women are projected as sex objects in many movies/TVs/adverts like AXE,Condoms,lipsticks, bike adverts etc... even products like iPills are advertised very very aggressively. All this gives rise to consumerism and thus so much lust in the society...earlier too there were cases of rape but not so much...what is different from that time was that the people weren't actually provided with so much of lust..the entertainment mediums like radio and tv rarely had any such advertisements and even the movies were more about Platonic love and revenge etc...and even suggestive nudity was rare ..but now with this new era of Mahesh Bhatt kinda movies and cheap advertisement..this consumerism or "Bhogvadita" in people is increasing...leading to such things. 

         This may or may not play a role in rise in rape incidents in India making is very unsafe for women folk all over India. In fact, it may not have anything to do with the criminals at all,but one thing is for sure this is the trend and it is what attracts them. Advertisements are definitely made based on thorough market study, and its made appealing to the masses. So the people like what they see, and what they start to see now is getting more and more explicit with the passage of time.

      So as part of all this what are the women folk supposed to do? They know its unsafe, it never was- but its gotten worse now, to roam around late at night alone. They surely can to an extent keep themselves at home, but then times will come when they are alone and have something important to do, what can the do then? Just considering a small scenario, where a boss wants something to be done by the end of the day and the employee somehow wasted some time and got late, she has to finish her work or the next day her job is insecure. What do you expect her to do? She doesn't expect to get raped and tries to complete her work keeping in mind only her future - the job. If she thinks of the unsafe streets and keeps the work in pending will the boss be all ears and support her? I guess not. I was just considering a possible scenario, it can be anything. People don't like their freedoms to be cut down be it boy or girl, we are all humans after all.

       To fight and protest against all this all we can do, knowing that its all to deaf ears. If you ask the politician how would you feel if your daughter was the one who was in the incident, you may expect him/her to feel the pain, but guess what, you are wrong. I doubt there lies any hope for justice in this country now where a father raped his own child. So may be the case with them too, what if the same is happening and being suppressed? You never know the reality.

 Letting a rape happening and punishing the convicts is essential, more importantly letting it happen should be a priority and if capital punishment for convicts of all such incidents can reduce the rate then so be it. Let the words take life and let the punishments begin. People should fear the punishment and stop committing the crimes or even think about committing the crime.

Hope to see a safe India soon.


  1. I just came across this article on Facebook and the link brought me here. To see not a single comment is just painful.

    Well, after reading the blog I actually think it couldn't have been said any better. Every single one of them should be hanged in public or given a painful death, at least to set an example to the general public ANYWHERE in the world. I myself am from Sri Lanka and I regretfully add that every country has its fair share of uncivilized and vulgar acts.

    We have all seen movies, read articles and heard stories about how somebody took charge in order to stop crime. When we can make movies, write stories, pass a myth along generations regarding crime solving, why can't we be true and honest at least towards rape victims, instead of just feeling entertained after a movie or a book?

    In conclusion, what I'm trying to say is if the government can create laws & advertisements on taxes; why not advertise about civilian arrest in order to catch the culprit(s)? Why not support the public by giving the population what they want and not just decide the degree of punishment inside a closed room? I'm sure, if every or most of the people in a country are asked about this, the response would be towards capital punishment.

  2. True bro :) Wish the system changes

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