Monday, December 3, 2012

Marriage: A Distant Reality

               "Marriage you say? I don't want to get married!!!" That's how I respond when mom or dad tells randomly that its time to get you married.

              Back in those times, marriage was something regarded highly, or rather the most important turning point in one's life. I think a lot, random silly thoughts that arise in my mind out of nowhere. One of them is "Why am I alive? What is the point of living in this world?" . I have no answers to those questions that peep in my mind time and again, but one of my teachers have told me once, marriage is necessary, it determines the rest of your life. You are supposed to get married within a specific range of age, after which it may prove a bit too late considering the life events that may occur in the future.

             "Why should I get married? Can't I just live on like this?" I always wished my lifespan would be short, and everytime I keep wishing the world ends this year, the so called 2012 scenario, but its all a myth, nothing is gonna happen, that I'm sure. Anyway my teacher had this answer to my question, saying when you grow old, you need someone by your side to look after you, if you don't marry, there will be none to look out for you when you're weak and in your deathbed.

            So concluding from that, its like a wife's duty to look after her husband right? The previous generations surely did keep it that way, families existed with tighter bonds entwining them closer and keeping them together. No matter what problems or quarrels arose between them, they finally sorted it out and stayed together, if not for them then for the sake of their children.

              Times have changed, the generation gap is showing its signs. Marriages fail to co-exist anymore, like it used to be. Marriage that once used to be considered a sacred ritual binding two souls together for all eternity has become a mere childs play for the present generation. They are willing to get married and get divorced over the slightest of adjustment problems. No couple is perfect, and unless people adjust no relation can last long,sometimes sacrifices are necessary for a strong and healthy relation to exist, that doesn't seem to be the case now. No one is willing to sacrifice anything for the other. The once prestigious heritage and culture in eroding off quickly like a spreading wildfire. Small ego clashes end up with relations and marriages turn down on its head. No one is willing to adjust with their partners anymore.

                Now taking a deeper look at how stuff got worse. I'm neither supporting men nor women, both have their own flaws and play a significant part in this scenario. A couple of years ago, it used to be boys who used to be involved in multiple relations, that too simultaneously, but now girls are no better than them, in fact they have gotten worse.

                    A dedicated boyfriend or husband would be running night and day trying to make both ends meet, so that he and his lover can live a happy life, but the present generation has lost patience and in his absence may fall for another who has been waiting just for this opportunity. She ditches her now "Ex"-bf , and goes with her new one, and when he comes to know, how heartbroken would he be? Do they even think about that? Even present gen wives are going overboard, and if their husbands are away for quite a while, they may even force themselves into petty affairs, just cause they feel they ain't getting what they deserve, maybe even the husbands may do the same, in fact there maybe a lot of them who do it, but now its more evenly matched than in the past, when the husbands used to be ones who would stray off more.

                  Money and power can buy anything in this corrupt world, and if its a girl who has got em, then the probability rises further up. In fact women have the upper hand on a lot of stuff abroad, they get to keep their children and the husband who earned all the assets will loose them all to the wife, who is getting a divorce filed. Do they even care about their kids anymore? I guess not.

        Nobody is willing to understand their partners now-a-days. The world has turned out to be fast paced, and people have lost their patience and moral values.

             I know not, how this may infuriate you readers, but some of the afore mentioned experiences are based on real life stories of people I know. I can only hope someone understands where the future is heading to at this rate and what will happen to next generation kids who are already born with iPads and iPhones in their hands.

         All I could ever wish now is, to stay alive by my parents, and I don't need no marriage unless I find someone who is actually willing to understand me and bear with me and  my traits, but then again I'm pretty much sure that won't happen. So I hope to live on happily the way I am right now.



  1. Nice thoughts..that's why even am not thinking of marriage..better be single throughout life than repent later