Monday, December 3, 2012

I Had a Wish

When this began,
I had nothing to choose,
Than to follow the orders,
Forced on me

I had a wish,
That lay within,
Trying to force its way out,
Only to go unheard when it did

Time has passed,
And here I am,
Neither who I wanted to be,
Nor who they wanted me to be

I had a wish,
That was to do what I love,
I had that wish,
To enjoy what I did

Here I stand now,
An incomplete product,
Failing the tests put forth,
Like it was never meant for me

I knew my weakness,
I wanted to evade the hurdles,
But they set me up on the path,
Which I never wanted to take

Here I stand,
Gazing at the horizon,
Unable to change the past,
That determines the future spoilt

The questions are many,
The answers still untold,
But of them all stands tall this one,
Where will I end up at this rate?

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