Sunday, July 22, 2012

No Time To Spare

I have really lost it now,
Completely indulged in work,
The time spent on stuff elsewhere,
Has reduced considerably to none

There ain't a bit of time to spare,
Even for the much addictive Facebook,
Where people used to say I'm the one,
Who is always there all the time

They say there is no such thing as lack of time,
And its all about your own priorities,
Then have I really turned a workaholic,
Who's got no time to spare a few minutes

I used to call my friends workaholic,
Cause they never had any time to spare,
And now I'm in the same seat as them,
Where I'm the one who's got no time to spare

The day passes by pretty fast now,
I've lost the track to time and date,
I've even lost track of what I used to do,
Cause now I've got no time to spare

Feels like the time in a day ain't enough anymore,
To do all the things that I used to do,
Feels like I need a vacation now,
To remember all the things I used to know

I am sorry my dear friends for this fault of mine,
Where I seek out for some time to spare,
Yet I fail in this quest pretty miserably,
Cause of the fatigue inflicted upon me

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