Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Virtual World....

The virtual world ........
its now our daily life routine ... to spend some time online this so called virtual world where things seem to be real but aint ...Sadly there are way too many people in there who believe in it completely ,thats the problem , believing is not a problem but when you trust in it blindly u are kind of bound to suffer.
Even i have suffered cause i believed in it , rarely do u find someone whose trust worthy ..... Coming to the point ...

People especially kids in the teens join in social networking sites especially orkut and facebook for fun ... they then get caught up in it , n usually get addicted to it . The ones who come here to spend time just for fun aint usually affected , different people have different motives :) you never know . But seriously things are much more dangerous than you could imagine.There have been reported cases of all sorts of crimes taking place with the hep of orkut , it was even published in newspapers , if u have seen them you would know.

People are just not yet aware of it , people make accounts with fake identities and lure in their unlucky prey , there seem to have been cases of murder, kidnapping etc ... as the criminals were pretending to be girls and lured their target " boyfriends" into their trap. And they blindly fell for it. Understand 1 thing people dont care , n the ones that really care will always be left in tatters cause when u get ditched what would you feel?? :)

I dont regret being an idiot n believing in those who i did n broke my trust , cause i do have friends who will be with me na :) , i cant take that path anymore , its truly awesome being single , you dont need to worry about anything , n 1 thing if you have never been in love , you would never know what it feels like to be in love , n what it is like , to have a broken heart :)
But i dint miss any of it :) i am through with it :) n i still love everyone i loved , all my dear friends , even those who turned their backs on me without even trying to understand me , without even wanting to listen to what i had to say , i feel hurt for sure . But that my friend is life :) You cant get everything nice , u just have to bear some thorns even to get a rose . :)

Love is something divine , u cant get it if you dont deserve it , or maybe if gods planning something much better for you :) . You cant find your love on the net na , u really have no idea whats on the other side . As i have seen its usually girls who act recklessly and are left in pain .....they are so lost in love that they do anything for them , n are so darn blind , as they say love is blind , that they fail to realise and understand the truth . I aint saying that all are bad , but u should be pretty much aware to keep yourself within your own reach so that u dont loose yourself when the unexpected break up occurs. They do tend to say all kinds of reasons to justify that they are right . Whatever happened to me was meant to happen n i dont complain about it. It was never her fault :) as i came to know she just followed her heart :) , which i support :) . But do u remember that i told you so many times , that this wont last , n we may not even be ever able to meet in our lives , n then you got angry and upset at me n told to believe in love :) u made me believe , u showed me that u were mine , u gave me dreams that i never wanted to have , n then you just snatched it away , saying its not for you :)
Similar is the situation thats happening with most of the girls i know , you know what? Its a curse to be too beautiful :) Every boy will be after you , saying this and that , showing so much care and love that you actually trust them and fall for them. And in a matter of time you get dumped , and u wont even know whats the reason , you are done ... hes had enough of you . Now hes bored of you , and doesnt need you anymore ... get it? I wish i could help you out but you dont wanta , you still believe that you can make him understand your love for him ... u try everything , but u just dont get it , that he doesnt care anymore , u were just merely a time pass for him , in other cases girls become the source of their resources , they just use you for their needs and you dont even realise it... but when u do , it would have been too late. You must have lost way too much by then to get back up n your feet and move on. I know its hard or you to move on , its not easy to move on after breaking up. And the worst thing you cant comprehend is the reason , everytime they pop with a new reason ....
But then i have really seen some awesome love stories online aswell , but distance is a factor , the closer you are the better for your relation :) its true :)

Even friends :) i have got my best friends through net only :) , they are just awesome <3 n i love them :)
But you expect your closest friends to understand you , do u not? :) What would you do if a small misunderstanding took you to apart ?? I really really wish u would understand :) , but i know u wont :) i miss you truly :) but u went ahead :) u'll always be 1 of my besties <3 my dear meow :) I wanted you to be my besty again n then you ran away :( , i was so darn hurt :( , i cant follow you around barking like a lost puppy u know , but i will be around in your shadows if you ever need me :) That 1 moment i caNT FORGET , that contest , i just dint want bad things to happen :( but the worst happened :( , i dint wanna hurt a little kids feelings :( , but in the end she turned out not to be a kid :( , n she though just used me :( as 1 of her puppets along with some others :( but you were gone :( , i was always jealous of you being so busy a the time :( , but u dint understand :( , anyways sorry from my part for being such a stubborn kid :( , hope you are doing well :) >:D<

Theres a lot more of things happening around na .... lot of people have had their feelings hurt so bad , they just dont know how , or what now .... i hope you wont fall among as 1 of them ....
One warning .... the people who always say i dont want to be love or be committed are most likely the ones who are bound to suffer the most :( .... and girls , if you are in any kinda of problematic situation please please dont resort to this :( , it will shine like a morning star that gives you some hope, some happiness , but mark my words it wont last long :( , the light will turn into darkness, n you will be left
stranded in pitch black darkness ..... You will have only pain .. pain that will take you a really long time
to get over ....
Please stay safe all of you :)
Remember , you are all gems to your parents :)
If you ever feel that none loves you , think of them :) cause they sure as hell love you more than anyone else ever will :)

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