Thursday, April 14, 2011

Regrets of a nobody.....

♥ i regret being alive,
i regret making mistakes,
everything i do 4 good,
turns out to b so bad

i regret my words,
i regret my talks,
i say what i say for u,
but it aint wat u want

i regret my actions,
i regret my deeds,
i did wat i did 4 u,
but dat aint wt u wanted either

regret is all i got,
pain is all u got,
wish i cud set it right,
but i cant cuz i aint right

every step i take forward,
i pause n look backward,
everything i have dun til now,
makes me wanna regret

i wanna tel u em sorry,
but u aint gt tym ta worry,
i wan u ta show me mercy,
u aint gt tym kuz u bizy

how i wish u knew,
wat dis kitty mew,
how i wish u knew me better,
to show u what i really am

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