Friday, April 15, 2011

Horror of an exam season

Engineering as it is , is nothing but a burden for children these days ,i say what i say as i see through my eyes.

As it is , engg has become so become so darn common that people who pass through even with sixty percent marks find it hard to find any kind of job for themselves. What has come of this world , why do parents wish to send their children to pursue engineering when they aint even interested in it. How sad for those little lives that are forced into it. Why cant parents let them choose their paths according to their interests. Some parents do understand their child better and choose the best for them . Some do succeed in it aswell.
Leave it any way as that what has happened cant be changed now.

Now exams exams and more exams. How unfateful now . I wish i werent in this situation now but what ever happened was my own fault only i dont deny it either. Now i can only regret not studying when i shouldnt have been so careless . What use saying like that now. I wish the new gen of kidos really understand the importance of studying well throughout or else you will have to suffer alot na.

Now look at my situation exams and more exams. I have no time for anything except for exams. Now in my situation i have just one month free as vacations and all throughout the rest of the year i have to write exams.

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